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Small Works Invitational
July 14th - August 25th, 2023


Duane Reed Gallery invites you to the Small Works Invitational 2023, consisting of 120 works by over 70 artists from the St. Louis regional area. A sequel to the successful 2022 exhibition, the Invitational celebrates a range of St. Louis artists spanning from newly emerging local talent to mid- and late-career luminaries. Incorporating painting, sculpture, ceramic, textile, mixed media and more, each piece portrays its artist’s response to one simple prompt: work fitting within a 16” x 16” square.

The exhibition features Neeka Allsup, Kate Anderson, Jane A. Barrow, Jenna Bauer, Grant Benoit, Jane Birdsall-Lander, Ahzad Bogosian, Tiélere Cheatem, Douglas Dale, Jo Jasper Dean, Brigham Dimick, Deb Douglas, Denise Douglas, Mark Douglas, Evan & Stacey, Peg Fetter, Dominic Finocchio, Amy Firestone Rosen, Vicki Friedman, Jordan Scott Gaunce, Mike Gesiakowski, Sue Giannotti, Rick Griggs, Jill Hackney, Massoud Hayoun, Charles Houska, Jessica Lynn Hunt, Alex Johnmeyer, Stefanie Kirkland, La Vispera, Connie LaFlam, Paul LaFlam, Brian Lathan, Travis Lawrence, Belinda Lee, Benjamin Lowder, Andrea Moon, Killer Napkins, Marina Peng, Lindsay Pichaske, Benjamin Pierce, Jasmine Raskas, Libby Reuter & Joshua Rowan, Nancy Newman Rice, Michelle Rigell, Luanne Rimel, William Rimel, Bryce Olen Robinson, Eric Schoolcraft, Brock Seals, Brian D. Smith, Marian Steen, Carol Stewart, Maxine Thirteen, Lauren Michelle Tracy, Ria Unson, M. Van Emden, Jeffrey Vaughn, Erin Vigneau-Dimick, Victor Wang, Dryden Wells, Mark Witzling, Livia Xandersmith, Aly Ytterberg, Lauren Younge, Yingxue Zuo, and more.



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