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Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Ahzad Bogosian holds both BFA and MFA degrees from Fontbonne University and was enrolled in the MFA program at Washington University.

Channeling the Midwest and Western landscapes as sources for his mood-rich paintings, Bogosian has developed an extensive and breathtaking body of work. According to Bogosian, “My work is a response to the atmospheric, sublime qualities and spiritual essence that exists in landscapes. Using memory sketches and photographs, I paint on canvas, wood, and paper to explore scale, brushwork, and my emotional response to these images. I see timelessness in the work. A sense of tranquilly and serenity in this digital era.”

A co-founder of IN/Form, a not-for-profit arts group in St. Louis, Bogosian has also organized and curated many shows and exhibitions, such as Five Views of the Midwest and the 2012 exhibition Paper at the Regional Arts Commission Gallery in St. Louis. His work is in many publications, including New American Paintings and John Driscoll’s 1998 book, The Artist and the American Landscape.

*Fine art books featuring the artist's work from the "Sanctuary" exhibition are available for purchase here >

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