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Kate Anderson transitioned her painting background into a full career in fiber and textile after a knotting workshop at Craft Alliance in St. Louis. Now with nearly 30 years experience knotting linen, Anderson’s work continues as intersection between craft and “fine art,” building time-intensive portraits and pop culture references on traditional utilitarian forms such as teapots and cups. Her work revitalizes vintage American iconography, allowing one to revisit subjects and media with a contemporary lens.

"Teapots are familiar and comfortable symbols; I create then as containers to hold iconic images. My original art practice was as a painter; I turned to knotting after a workshop at Craft Alliance. While I’ve most often quoted from painters of the pop era, my current work is focused on the rich vintage imagery of mid century. The repetitive process of tying knots pays homage while reinterpreting the experience of how we are meant to perceive a snapshot of American history." - Artist Statement

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