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Dominic Finocchio’s paintings reexamine the modern male, blending traditional elements with contemporary subjects. Despite their social settings, his figures are distant, hidden behind their contemplative faces and closed body language. These resulting tableaus portray an awkward, uncomfortable, or even repressed masculinity.

“Dreams have been described as a chain of image fragments drawn from memory, driven by desire and not subject to free will; a description that points to a similarity with the images shown here.

Though my paintings and drawings are categorically narrative they do not represent a specific idea or incident. After an often-lengthy preparatory process of building a composition that begins with arbitrary choices, the figures and the depicted environment into which they are placed are chosen when all the elements seem to cohere with each other. As the work proceeds, I don't hesitate to make changes if I'm not satisfied with those first thoughts.


Because I do not determine beforehand what the image can, should or will convey, it will always be something unforeseen. There will be ambiguity and indeterminacy that may ask a viewer to analyze the image or perhaps an invitation to simply have a visual experience that cannot or need not be explained. 


This process allows me to rely on intuition in an effort to chance upon the unexpected. My hope is that I will offer viewers an image that is persuasive, purposeful and compelling.” - Artist Statement

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