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Tom Lang is an Artist and a Professor of Art, at Webster University who lives in St. louis Missouri.  He earned both a M.A. in Aesthetic Education and an M.F.A in Printmaking and Drawing at Ohio State University. Later he studied with printmaking S.W. Hayter and Krishna Reddy at Atelier 17 in Paris.   After a workshop with Garner Tullis, founder of the International Institute of Experimental Printmaking, he began his own self-imposed apprenticeship to study the history and techniques of hand-papermaking.  He has conducted numerous workshops lectures and demonstrations in the U.S. and abroad and his work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and in Europe.


“Although Drawing and Print media form the basis of my studio practice, concepts and process determine projects.  I have worked with hand paper-making and hybrid print processes to produce work that explore our existential struggle to find space between inhale and exhale and mark territory between sense and non-sense. The edge that holds memory. The manner in which we experience things seems to me to be entirely abstract and most accessible by indirect observation.” 

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