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Radical Pots
April 9 - May 14, 2022

Duane Reed Gallery invites you to Radical Pots, a ceramic invitational exhibition that boasts revolutionary innovations in contemporary ceramics. This exhibit assembles a showcase of six potters, each with unconventional techniques that both honor the tradition of ceramics while proudly pushing beyond boundaries of the familiar vessel.


José Sierra draws from mythos, ranging from east Asia to his home country of Venezuela, constructing forms teeming with lively shapes and super-saturated colors. Other artists engage in wildly unconventional materials, such as Maxwell Mustardo’s neon plastic encasing his work's mossy surface post-firing, or Stephen Creech’s ceramic foam glaze which only inflates in the heat of kiln firing.


The theme of rich texture runs deep throughout the collection, be it in Vince Palacios’ crackling clusters or Andrew Casto’s sleek, luscious fields of metallics and creams. Each pot is hand-built and invites opportunities for unique construction, such as Kyle Johns’ cast and colored porcelain.


Despite having a wide range of techniques, materials, and inspirations, each ceramicist compliments one-another through their commitment to experimentation and detail, building intricate sculptural forms to be investigated from every angle.

Andrew Casto
Stephen Creech
Kyle Johns
Maxwell Mustardo

Vince Palacios
José Sierra

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