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Stephen Creech is an artist and ceramicist born in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky and currently living and working in Indianapolis, Indiana. Creech’s work is rooted in a spirit of experimentation and the scientific process, utilizing unconventional practices to produce unique glazes and layers of material. His most recent series, “Nerifoami - Rainbow Marshmallows,” consists of vessels made up entirely of ceramic foam glaze. The works’ pastel color palette and airy construction provide a levity to the tradition of ceramics, presenting stone as something light and child-like, reminiscent of cotton candy or sugary breakfast cereals.

“My current artistic practice explores the usage of materials and process, in collaboration with the heat and energy of the kiln, to create metaphors for the intersection of science, metaphysics, and the human condition. Weaving together a world of fantasy that provides lore to each work.” - Artist Statement

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