“I approach my glass sculptural works more from a painterly perspective than as a traditional glassblower. My work is about loud splashes of color, about capturing the innate way glass transmits, reflects, and absorbs color. You can see the sensibility in a number of approaches, from the strictness of my blown work to the organic looseness of my fused panels. Yet all my work in general shares a similar love of, and foundation in, color and color patterning.” “In my blown glass work, I merge a classic Venetian sensibility with a modernist approach. Though I have intensely studied the Venetian tradition of blown glass, my work is greatly influenced by my study of design and fashion from the early Twentieth Century and is fueled more by color theory and abstract concept than reflections on historical glass. My interest in color and its layering is in evoking visceral emotional responses from the viewer through developing relationships in color choices and exploiting the references that specific colors imply. I use traditional techniques in the hotshop, layering color into the surface, but seek to deconstruct the vessel and its traditional functionality by carving away at the glass surface. I work with a definite emphasis on altered forms and vibrant colors to create strong, dramatic atmospheres. Though my design aesthetic is clean and simple, I use strong contrasts of color combined with swooping lines that destroy the functionality of the vessel to create bold, dramatic sculptures.” artist statment Jamie Harris ia an artist and teacher at UrbanGlass, the New York Experimental Glass Workshop in Brooklyn, NY. A graduate of Brown University, he has studied at some of the most prestigious glass schools in the country: The Pilchuck Glass School, the Rhode Island School of Design, the Penland School off Crafts, the Haystack School, and the Corning Museum of Glass. His line of exclusive tabletop items is available worldwide at Tiffany & Co. Selected galleries include: Vetri (Seattle, WA), Pismo (Denver, CO), Morgan Glass Gallery (Pittsburgh, PA), Wexler (Philadelphia, PA), and Hodgell Gallery (Sarasota, FL).

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