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Innovative Ceramics

January 30 - March 6, 2021

Duane Reed Gallery is pleased to bring together six ceramicists who each have a distinct voice and vision with their approach to the medium. While their respective aesthetic interests are unique, as a group their works share a dialogue with each other, giving insight into the collective interests of ceramicists in this moment.

Putting an emphasis on the technical nature of the discipline, Judith Ernst and Peter Pincus explore the potential of geometry on the surface of recognizable forms. While Pincus’ approach integrates the patterning onto the surface in a painterly application of colored porcelain, Ernst focus applies a similar vision but pulls the patterning into a complex sculptural fractal. Joey Watson and Matthew Mittros both utilize the current cutting edge of technology, engaging in 3D printing and other modes of creation that are traditionally outside the realm of ceramics, bringing a whimsical and intriguing aesthetic to an assemblage-based practice. Kyle Johns and Jeremy Brooks have developed their practices to explore independent modes of construction, Johns' work evoking strong elements of architecture while Brooks’ pioneering usage of elastic in clay bodies allows him to literally crochet the forms into existence.

Jeremy Brooks

Judith Ernst

Kyle Johns

Matt Mitros

Peter Pincus

Joey Watson

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