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“My work is oriented around the concept of ceremonial procedure and its associated paraphernalia. I’m interested in the forces that ritual objects imply and the sequence of operations necessary to activate them. The work that I make is intended to be utilitarian, but within specialized circumstances. Through this intention I invite percipients into choreographed scenarios that I hope entice a kind of transformative participation.” - Artist Statement

Joey Watson was born and raised in the Sonoran Desert. While growing up, Watson was charmed by the visual splendor of his environment: the canyons carved through time by erosion, mountains in every direction jutting out of the earth,mineral deposits and the unique plant and animal life were all influential. Upon graduating in 2014 from the Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA in ceramics, Watson was awarded a studio residency through the Charlotte Street Foundation. He currently works as the artist in residence at the Kansas City Clay Guild.

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