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South Florida-based artist Francesco Lo Castro employs unorthodox painting techniques that involve the intricate layering of pigment and resin to achieve a heightened sense of dimension and depth. What at rst glance appears to be the result of countless hours spent with graphic design software is revealed by closer examination to be meticulously handcrafted combinations of acrylic, spray paint, epoxy, and even gold leaf applied on varied surfaces. These colorful compositions depict a kaleidoscopic vision, dense with movement and a combination of explosiveness and strict order, vibrancy, and dreaminess, power and release.

Reminiscent of man’s interplay with architecture and ubiquitous societal networks, space is experienced on macro and micro levels. As environment and landscape are examined through multiple, simultaneous perspectives, a link between physical reality and its hidden structures is exposed and questions that probe humanity’s expanding emotional vernacular in the face of accelerating existential progression are addressed.


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