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April 17 - May 23, 2020

Duane Reed Gallery invites you to CeramATTACK III, a ceramic invitational exhibition that boasts trending innovations in contemporary ceramics.

With motivations beyond pure form and function, the selected artists fuse contemporary aesthetics with a traditional art form. The clay bodies act more as canvases for further creative exploration through a multidisciplinary approach. Included in this exhibition is a diverse and eclectic group of top tier talent, with each artist offering their unique voice and vision to the collective history of ceramics.

Challenging the traditional and established view of ceramics, the third installment of CeramATTACK offers a collection of works that allow the viewer to explore both narrative and form in a myriad of imaginative and unconventional approaches that both provoke and inspire.

Jess Riva Cooper

Bean Finneran

Rain Harris

Janice Jakielski

Zemer Peled

Lindsay Pichaske

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