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Bonnie Seeman grew up in Miami, Florida with a propensity towards anatomy illustration and the dazzling colors and rich foliage of the Miami landscape. Developing her technique with porcelain and glass, Seeman channeled this inspiration; the resulting vessels are beautiful and macabre combinations of anatomical parts and plant forms. Often the utilitarian vessels open to reveal her trademark dichotomy between outward beauty and visceral illness. Instead of dwelling on dying, Seeman’s palpable forms culminate in an acute awareness and awe towards life, nature, and vitality.

Shortly after completing her master’s degree in Fine Arts, Seeman was recognized by Galeria OMR in Mexico City, a gallery known for it conceptual, cutting-edge artists. In effect, Seeman’s porcelain was taken out of the craft context and placed in art exhibitions such as ARCO in Madrid, FIAC in Paris, and Art Basel. She shows extensively throughout the United States and was recipient of the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation 2005 Biennial Competition Award.

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