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Steve Cope graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art, and received his MFA from Boston University.  After years of painting in grand scale, Cope changed his format to miniature and easel scale panoramic landscapes. The works are painstaking rendered to the utmost detail, directing attention to light, depth, and interconnected relationships between floral growth.


“To augment the experience of a vast space I use a small format.  I am fascinated with reducing the bigness of our worldly experience to something very small, something that fits in our hand and I wonder how this changes or heightens our perception. The fascination could be that we can see it all in one glance. We don’t have to see it as a collection of parts, but as a full thing, solid and complete. Perhaps being able to see the entire landscape so completely gives us a feeling of discovery, as if we are peering into a different world strangely similar to our own. “ -Artist Statement

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