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My work is centered around ideas of transformation, mystery and the sublime. I want to probe the boundaries of our understanding of ourselves and the world around us by creating forms that are simultaneously recognizable and enigmatic, evoking equal parts curiosity and unease. I often play with balance and fragility in these forms through tenuous and off kilter drip formations that simultaneously appear to be rising and falling, abstractly depicting creatures either on the brink of collapse or mid-awakening.  


The materiality of my work also incorporates this transformative element as malleable clay becomes permanently altered into ceramic through fire and cultivated crystals react to moisture and sunlight, allowing them to slowly evolve over time with subtle alterations of color and surface quality. Both of these materials inherently contain an element of mystery, inspiring alchemy and wonder. My usage of glitter has a similar aim, taking advantage of its mysterious origin and allure. It has been theorized that our attraction to glitter is based in our instinctual need to seek out the sparkle of fresh water for sustenance and survival, allowing us to have a universal attraction to its iridescence and shimmer. 


Recent works have also included more representational elements, depicting flora, fauna and rock which merge and metamorphize from one into the other. These are inspired by the vanitas tradition, exploring mortality and our ephemeral life cycle. Through this combination of realism and fantasy, these works aim to create an immersive experience of wonder that evokes contemplation about beauty and the unknown.
- Artist Statement

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