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When first encountering Dresang’s work you immediately think that a house painter, plumber or technician has temporarily downed tools for a coffee break -and you might walk on by to the next exhibit-you’d be wrong to do so. Stay a while and you’ll be rewarded. The work functions as both a mind bendingly accurate hyperealistic trick of the eye and a labor of intense love. “In either context, this work also takes on a familiar or accessible form and is meant to encourage a narrative for the viewer.” The initial “wow!” factor of analysing how Dresang accomplishes these illusionistic textures is only the start of the visual process by which the artist demands time and attention from the audience: “I choose to educe them through the intricate, formal, trompe l’oeil details of the work. I hope they will want to touch it – need to touch it. I want my work to provide the ultimate lure of the object and I am finished and most satisfied only when they too are hooked.”

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