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Kevin Snipes is an American visual artist born in Philadelphia and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He is currently Visiting Scholar/Researcher at Wesleyan College/University in Macon, GA. He received a B.F.A. in ceramics and drawing from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1994 and completed graduate studies at the University of Florida in 2003. Snipes’ artwork explores concepts of otherness. He employs techniques of gurative narration and craft to form objects that cross the boundary between sculpture and painting. His work is a combination of atypical pottery forms, quirky gurative drawings and contemporary vernacular language. His pieces are in uenced by an array of traditional and nontraditional art forms, including street art, architecture, contemporary painting, the avid love of art history and even children’s toys and drawings. His work has an underlying sophistication, which is based in existentialist thought, creating a dynamic body of work that is both culturally transcendent and personally identiable. Through his use of multi-faceted narratives Snipes challenges the viewer to consider the concept of otherness in confrontation with the self. Throughout his adult life, Snipes has maintained a nomadic existence, allowing a sense of place to augment his work.

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