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Jordan Scott Gaunce combines painting and drawing to repeat geometric forms revealing the complexity of seemingly simple materials. Inspired by South Western culture and landscape, Gaunce’s sleek graphic forms draw attention to details like the vibration between two colors, the reflection of light on acrylic, or the grain of his wooden base.


“My art is deeply influenced by my New Mexico roots. The region’s captivating lighting, vibrant landscape colors, and deep spiritual energy have become ingrained in my being. This connection to my homeland inspires my work, emphasizing a sense of place and reverence for the natural world.


Color, a significant aspect of my artistic exploration, profoundly influences our perception and emotions. It can evoke joy, serenity, excitement, and melancholy. With 80 percent of sensory impressions coming from sight, I aim to tap into this vast emotional spectrum. Using vibrant hues and subtle gradients, I create compositions that resonate with human emotions and experiences, guiding viewers toward a deeper understanding of their inner world.” -Artist Statement

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