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"My work has always been inspired by nature: organic forms, cycles, seasons, land, water, sky, order, rhythm, repetition, growth, life, regeneration. For some time now, I have been using papers as the primary material in my work. The thin papers, which I print on, draw on, cut up, mix, are layered endlessly on the canvas. No “found” papers are used. I print them all, using yarns, fabric, seeds, pressed plants and other organic material. My work is an exploration of complex color schemes and contrasts. I seek ways to bring my work to new levels of my personal interpretaion of nature. My work is about color, line, material, form, space and about art as a process that always changes and grows. Where to stop? How far to push? How little? How much? Color is intense. It overpowers me. After working with it for weeks on end, I step back, peel the color away. What is underneath? Something new. Somewhere to grow from again.” - Artist Statement

Isaksen, who was born in Bodo, Norway now resides in Seattle, WA.

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