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"My sculptural glass explores the rich implications of objects in everyday life. The central focus is domestic visions presented through 20th Century culture as well as Victorian sensibilities.  These works illuminate, and are limited by, the interior worlds offered by the juxtaposition of these eras. This work evokes aspects of the Victorian Decorative Arts period such as orderliness, ornamentation, and a mixture of Gothic, Tudor and  Elizabethan stylistic eras.

The Victorian curio, an intriguing object presented for contemplation, provides an ideal context for the relationship between the viewer and my re-purposed objects.   These pseudo-Victorian objects are connected to the 20th Century through commercially produced ceramic decals as well as the use of Vitrolite architectural glass.  Decals from the 1960s and 70s consisting of prints, patterns and reproductions evoke nostalgia; Vitrolite, produced mostly in the 1920s and 30s, adds another visual and historical dimension when used as a base for the works.

The medium of glass provides unique sculptural opportunities, especially optics that allow dynamic presentation of the decals. These optics are also combined with traditional Italian glass patterning techniques such as zanfirico and reticello. This body of work allows viewers opportunities to experience objects, as well as to confront our motives in appropriating and enjoying works of art." -Artist Statement

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