Pohlman-Knowles Memory Unchained

Breaks, Seams, and Boundaries

Pohlman/KnowlesJohn GarrettSteven Young Lee
Ronald JohnsonLinda LightonCassandria Blackmore
Danny PerkinsKatherine GloverJan Huling
Andrew Brandmeyer ª Marvin LipofskyLuanne Rimel
Eva IsaksenKevin SnipesJill HackneyRonald Christ
Jun KanekoMark DouglasBeverly Mayeri

February 27 through April 4, 2015

Opening Reception February 27, 5;00 - 8:00 PM

The gallery is filled with broken glass, blown-out vases, cut and woven vinyl records, horns blasting porcelain flora, tattered books uprighted, their spines against the camera lens. While these processes suggest aggressive handling of materials, artists like Cassandria Blackmore and Steven Lee take great care to break their work with grace and focused intent. Seams are honored in the hand-quilted photographs of Luanne Rimel, the sculptural paper-scapes of Katherine Glover, or the tapestry-esque woven sculptures of Pohlman/ Knowles or John Garrett. Boundaries become debatable as sculptures rest like paintings on panels, drawings narrate obscure personal lore upon ceramic vessel walls, African totems are reimagined, and paintings are jigsawed into amoebic shapes.
Beckoning to ideals of fragility, repair, impermanence, and the lines that bind and separate, Breaks, Seams, and Boundaries covers an expansive array of artists that break expectations and assert new perspectives to our shifting realities.









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