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Bryce Hudson


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Bryce Hudson Holding Pattern Heather

Bryce Hudson Holding Pattern Mary
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Bryce Hudson’s photographs directly contrast his paintings in both form and concept. His images of young women with superimposed decorative patterns not only accentuate the beauty that lies behind them, but serves as a barrier between the female self and the societal demands on outward appearance. Ideas of symmetry, decoration and femininity are brought to light and bring about an unease, tempting the viewer to contemplate beauty and intellect. The overlay of decorative patterns are reminiscent of Rococo design, further pushing the ideas of beauty, perfection and social status. An interesting relationship plays between the design and the face behind it, as the curving pattern seems to follow form. The result is an adornment that simultaneously accentuates and confines the subject.

The term Holding Pattern is used in aviation to describe a maneuver designed to delay aircraft already in flight while keeping it within a specified airspace. The demands
that society places on young women to either perform professionally, marry, produce offspring, and/or build a family and home environment inspired Hudson to create this project. Employing the modernity of clean lines and bold colors, the familiarity of icons and patterns plucked from popular cultures past, along with interpretations drawn from his own experiences, Hudson’s work provides a contemporary medium with which to gaze into paradoxical notion of the self.

Bryce Hudson’s paintings are as notable for their nuance and sophistication as they are for their compositional drama. His geometric oil and acrylic on canvas paintings can be described as having a certain movement and three-dimensionality while retaining a reductive quality that is general to geometric abstraction. The hard-edged forms are bordered by bright bands of contrasting color of varying angle and width producing multiple fields of form and color that play against one another.

Using a strict geometric language, limited palette and consistent yet sophisticated compositional format, Hudson achieves a remarkable diversity within a narrow framework. Often is the case, architectural elements are Hudson’s muse – flipping and dissecting elements, transforming them into a dizzying array of colors and shapes until all context is lost. Hudson’s edges are taut and sharp,and there is an inner tensile strength expressed in the forms. The surprisingly bright color bands provide a rich contrast to the somber predominant blacks, grays and whites, and add weight and movement to the paintings.

Bryce Hudson


Sullivan College of Technology and Design
2000 Kent State University, Kent, OH

Selected Exhibitions

2014  Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Duane Reed Gallery
           Art Palm Beach, Duane Reed Gallery
2013  Green Building Gallery, Louisville, KY
2012  Thomas More College, Cincinnati, OH
          Koru Contemporary, Hong Kong, HK
          East African Art Biennale - Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Africa
2011  Art Taipei, Taipei, Tiawan
          Zephyr Gallery, Louisville, KY 
          The Green Building Gallery, Louisville, KY
2010  California State University, Fullerton, CA
2009  Green Building Gallery, Louisville, KY
2008  Luminary Arts Center, St. Louis, MO
          Artist-in-Residency NY Arts International, Beijing, China
2007  Green Building Gallery, Louisville, KY
          21c Museum, Louisville, KY
2006  Gallery 253, Atlanta, GA
          Gallery Nulu, Louisville, KY
          Mason Muir Fine Art, Atlanta, Ga
          Invitational Art Chicago, Chicago, IL
          Invitational Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2005  Henry Schein INC., Lemville, NY
          The Adorno Studio, Louisville, KY


2005 Kentucky Arts council Grant
2004 Scholarship America, St. Peter, MN
2000 New Artists Award, Water Tower Art Museum, Louisville, KY
1997 Full Scholarship, Kent State University, Kent, OH


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