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December 18, 2015 — February 13, 2016

A ceramic invitational exhibition that boasts trending innovations in contemporary ceramics. Exhibition opens Friday, December 18th with a reception that evening 5-8pm. The exhibition will run through February 13th.

With motivations beyond pure form and function, the selected artists take ceramics into an entirely new realm, fusing contemporary aesthetics with a traditional art form. The clay bodies act more as canvases for further creative exploration through a multidisciplinary approach. This new take is evident in the works of Kevin Snipes whose structures are complimented by his whimsical street art influenced figurative drawings, or Jonathan Mess who reclaims discarded and forgotten materials into formations that reference maps and natural geographical formations.

Challenging the traditional and established view of ceramics, CeramATTACK offers a collection of works that allow the viewer to explore both narrative and form in a myriad of imaginative and unconventional approaches that both provoke and inspire.

Featuring sculptures by

Lauren Gallaspy • Peter Christian Johnson • Calvin Ma • Jonathan Mess

Peter Pincus • Nathan Prouty • Kevin Snipes • Valerie Zimany

Lauren Gallaspy Thin Skinned
Lauren Gallaspy
Thin Skinned
Peter Johnson Jenga
Calvin Ma I'm All Ears

Calvin Ma
I'm All Ears
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Jonathan Mess Reclaim #48
Peter Pincus #4
Nathan Prouty Sheckletoo
Kevin Snipes Come Hither
Valerie Zimany Moonwalker
Valerie Zimany
Chigiri-e (Moonwalker)
porcelain with original silkscreened & vintage overglaze decals,
hand-drawn & raised Kutani enamels, gold & white gold
16" x 16" x 16"

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